What To Expect After Cosmetic Surgery?

Finally, you have undergone through cosmetic surgery, and all of your fear about the surgery has now disappeared. Congratulations, you did it! Take a deep breath, and now it’s time to concentrate on cure and recuperation.

Recovery can be traumatic after surgery. In fact, fear of the unexpected prevails those people who are undergoing major surgery like Facelift Toronto for the first time. The following image is showing how you feel after a cosmetic surgery:

Recovery can be traumatic after surgery. Therefore, a solid and effective postoperative support staff is essential to work and to help you through the healing period after your cosmetic procedure. In first few after the surgery, you may feel low, when you will recover completely, you will love look.

After a major surgical procedure, the recovery phase begins after healing from systemic anesthetics. This is the stage where you are conscious, comfortable, and willing to return home. The recovery nurse will direct you the medicines, including how frequently you should take them, how to take care of your surgical wound, dressing, etc. Moreover, if necessary, the nurse will tell you how to handle the surgical drains. Any particular recommendations on physical exercise and associated behavior will also be discussed.  Sometimes, Doctors may ask the other person (usually the pick-up person) to be there with you as you’re going to have someone to help you with medication. I want to emphasize that ambulation is significant in the time of recovery.

The first post-op appointment may take place in about 3-7 days based on the procedure performed. Your incisions and drains will be checked if you have them. Any sutures may also be withdrawn if the incision is cured enough. One day after your treatment, we normally contact you to check if you recovering up. Any problems or complaints are resolved immediately with this essential step. If you have concerns about the medications or have any mild symptoms such as low-grade fever or severe symptoms, such as severe pain and constant bleeding, we are always with you to help you.

Frustration and/or dark scars after the surgery are a concern but do come with a body and face incision. Our medical practitioners go through ways of removing scar visibility early after the surgery. After liposuction or surgical procedures, we highly advise lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massages in our clinic’s Medical Spa.

Often challenges like a post-op complication may occur during the recovery.  Examples of this include infection, wound, seroma, etc. You may also feel frustration, resentment, or regret. Our experienced doctors and their staff appreciate and will always be there to motivate you to accomplish your aesthetic goal in full.

Minor surgical operations such as lip lift, simple scar revision, Rhinoplasty Toronto, buccal fat reduction, and minor skin lesion removal typically comes with basic post-op treatment instructions to follow. The guidelines consist of basic wound care until after cutting the suture.  If you have further queries about your cosmetic surgery and its recovery, you may get in touch with our faculty at Dr. Torgerson Clinic.