A Few Skincare Tips During This COVID Pandemic

Have you seen medical practitioners and nurses taking off their masks and protective eyewear after a very long? The skin is chafed off, red and wrinkly skin from the contact area. It looks painful and frustrated. But, all this happens because they have been doing everything for us, and we may never have thought of before. For most people, safety masks and eye protection are the safety norms; at least before a coronavirus vaccine is discovered here in Canada. I am specialized in acne scar treatment Toronto. I want other people to know what they can do to protect their skin. So that they can avoid or fix damage from our protective wear

It is especially necessary to keep the skin highly hydrated shortly. Besides drinking abundant water, we should take some steps to avoid damaging the skin. To start, I recommend washing only at night if you do not suffer from acne, as washing also decreases the natural skin hydration. Apply a serum of a light-barrier cream in the morning to hydrating skin.   For most skin forms, I recommend the epidermal repair or the dermal repair for extremely dry skin. And if we wear to cover, we do need a decent sunscreen to shield ourselves. I prescribe CE Ferulic Serum or SkinEssentials MD Texture Perfector for those who have pigmentation or aging.

We should avoid contacting our faces during the day, but if there’s extreme discomfort, there’s a lovely, soothing substance, Zo Hydrating Cream. I recommend you first wash your hands, remove safety wear, wash your hands again, and apply the Hydrating Cream with a tiny dab on your affected skin. The skin would feel cooler, calmer, and healthier automatically. Before adding safety wears, do not forget to wash your hands again for the rest of the day.

Be sure to wash in the evening with a less offensive cleaner and remove all the cleanser with a baby washcloth and warm water. I will do my night routine in two ways, most possibly alternate nights. On the first day, I wash my face and again apply the HA Infusion or the TNS Critical Serum that doesn’t only encourage the development of collagen but also is full of vitamins that help cure my skin. Then I end with one of the earlier or triple lipids restore moisturizers listed below.

On an alternate night, I wash and reapply a serum, but rather than adding a moisturizer, I apply a thin layer of the Phyto Corrector Maskon (a light green gel, almost transparent). In the morning, I’ll use a light toner, like the Zo Gentle toner, until my daylight routine starts.

People with oily skin should keep a good acne care routine. You can apply the Epidermal Repair in the mornings and evenings. It will allow you to treat the acne while keeping the skin protected from the rubbing of the masks and goggles. Again, regardless of skin type, a decent sunscreen is still preferred anytime you go outdoors or at a car windshield for healthier skin. If nothing is working, you can get done chemical peels Toronto for more effective outcomes.