What Are The Essential Nutrients For Building Muscle?

If you are a little on the light side and would like to build muscle rather than add fat, it is essential that your body receives the right nutrition; indeed, any major exercise regime demand the right diet. In this article, we offer you an overall view of the vitamins, minerals and other elements needed for building muscle mass.

  • Protein – Most people know that a high-protein diet is required if you wish to build muscle mass; something you can find at any online supplements store (along with a range of bodybuilding products). Protein shakes are the best way to power your body through a serious weight-training program and the online supplier has you covered for anything fitness related.
  • Water – Water actually carries the nutrients to the muscles and it is vital to stay hydrated, making sure to drink 8-10 glasses during a typical day. Of course, you sweat a lot after a heavy workout and this needs to be replenished when you have warmed down. Avoid drinking tap water, as you can never be sure what else is in the water supply; bottled drinking water is treated to ensure quality and if you buy a stainless-steel water bottle, you can refill as necessary.
  • Calcium – While we need calcium for strong bones, it also the mineral associated with muscle contraction and therefore is necessary in adequate amounts. Foods that are high in calcium include yoghurt, cereals, cheese, spinach and fortified milk, plus you can order calcium capsules from the online supplements store.
  • Magnesium – Another must-have, magnesium is essential for muscle relaxation and as cramp prevention. Best foods include leafy greens, nuts, seeds and whole grains.
  • Vitamin D – This can be obtained from exposure to the Sun and Vitamin D is associated with testosterone, which is essential for building muscle mass. You could take a daily A-Z supplement, which covers you for a wide range of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients like Vitamin D and B12.
  • Carbohydrates – Carbs come from rice and whole grains and it is necessary for muscle building; indeed, any extreme physical activity demands an increase of carbs in the diet. Carbs not only fuel your workouts, they help muscles to recover after heavy sessions.

There are lots of free resources online about nutrition and building muscle and you can buy all you need from the online health food & supplements store, which is delivered to your door. Once you have all the nutrients you need, you can focus on creating a suitable workout routine and set about becoming a fitter you!