Medicare Supplement Plans and the benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan

This article will let you know the basic things about Medicare Supplement Plans and the work they will do and what you will get from having Medicare Advantage. Keep in mind to look for the Medicare Plan G in case you are not satisfied with your current original Medicare Plans.

What are Medicare Supplement Plans

According to so many studies, we have found that Medicare Supplement Plans are one kind of insurance policy for elderly people. This will add up with the Original Medicare Part A and Part B.

By taking the original Medicare Parts the elderly won’t get all the coverage of their health care costs. That time the Medicare Supplement Plans will come to their rescue. However, you can always consider taking the Medicare Plan G for yourself to get better coverage options.

Medicare Supplement Plans with your other Medicare Advantage Plans

Know that in the original Medicare, there are some gaps, and Medicare Supplement Plans will pay for those gaps to fill and you will get the left out coverage parts.

It isn’t legal if any company wants to sell Medicare Supplement Plans when you already have a Medicare Advantage Plan. You can only go with one plan at a time. You can purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan after the date of your Medicare Advantage Plan ends.

The division between the coverage costs

By having an original Medicare with another Medicare Supplement Plan, the coverage you will get will be called ‘payer’. A primary and secondary payer will be involved here. A specific part of the health care bills will be paid by the primary payer. And the secondary payer will get the balance.

You will have to pay some of the uncovered costs here. For example- if you are going to a foreign country and you start facing a health care emergency, then your Medicare Supplement Plans will cover 80% of your costs.

The rest 20% of the pill will have to be paid by you.

Medicare Advantage and its benefits

After doing all the research still if you are not sure about the suitable Medicare Supplement Plan for you, then you can consider Medicare Advantage Plans. However, the Medicare Supplement Plan G is working quite well and having good reviews from elderly people.

What is Medicare Advantage?

You will get the offer of having Medicare Advantage from a private insurance company. This is also known as Medicare Part C.

You will have these below offers from the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Hospital coverage

Your hospital visits will be covered by this Plan. When you will visit any nursing facility by doctor’s recommendation, your Medicare Advantage Plan will cover that including house healthcare, hospice care, etc.


The prescribed drugs will be covered by the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medical Coverage

Your diagnostic, treatment and preventive services will be covered by this Plan.

Your vision, hearing, and dental coverage

The Medicare Advantage Plan will cover your yearly screening process.

Additional coverage

The plan can cover some additional coverage, such as fitness of yours.