Simple Changes That Can Turn Your Life Around For The Better.

There are quite a number of different methods that are used to perform nose surgeries, and open rhinoplasty is a very popular method, where the cartilage of the nose is exposed by removing the back of the skin. There are many benefits to this method, and it allows the surgeon to have better access to the cartilage, so that he can make the necessary reductions, changes, and it allows him to do some reshaping as well. There are many benefits of this type of procedure, and people use it to change things about their nose, that they don’t like, or that is causing them breathing issues.

If you find that you need open nose surgery (known as เสริมจมูกแบบเปิด in Thai), then the following benefits should help you to understand better about the benefits of this procedure.

  • Allows for better & more precise changes – By doing open nose surgery, the surgeon is able to actually see the whole nasal structure, and this makes his or her job, a lot easier. The tip of the nose can be easily modified, and they can do this by looking straight at it, rather than having to feel around, until they find the right area.
  • Grafting is a lot easier – If grafting is required and your surgeon is taking the cartilage from behind your ear, for example, it is much easier to perform this kind of operation using the open nose method. It allows the surgeon to be able to better place the graft, and the chances of movement after the operation has been completed, is much less. In the event that another procedure has to be corrected, then the open nose surgery is the better option.
  • It’s better than the closed method – Because the cartilage of the nose is much more visible when you use the open nose method, it’s a lot easier for your plastic surgeon to perform the required surgery. It is much easier for him or her, to be able to see exactly what is going on, so that they can make all of the necessary changes.

Making a simple change, such as the shape of your nose, can help to change people’s lives around for the better. It gives them a much higher confidence level, and no one should have to go through life living with a feature on their face, they can be easily changed, due to modern medical technology, and methods.