How to buy magic mushrooms online without a Doctor

Have you ever wondered where you could get magic mushrooms without a prescription? It is lawful to purchase these kinds of mushrooms even though it is debatable whether doing so is allowed in the US- this post will go through the several kinds of mushrooms you can buy online, their advantages and disadvantages, and safe purchasing practices; you’re in luck if you’ve heard of using psychedelic mushrooms, like psilocybecubensis or psilocybesempervirens, to treat diseases like opioid withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

However, you weren’t sure what these mushrooms looked like or how they were used, the good news is that you can purchase numerous varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms online without a prescription, whereas the bad news is that there are a lot of errors you should steer clear of when purchasing them.

How to Buy Mushrooms Online Safely

The first and foremost step to buy magic mushrooms online safely is to be familiar with the purchasing process, be it over the Internet or at a local store, the process is essentially the same, the next step is to determine what species you want to buy there are many different types of mushrooms that you can find, and it’s good to be as familiar with them as possible; next, you’ll want to decide which vendor to purchase from- look for Mushroom brands that sell high-quality merchandise and are yet trusted by customers.

The Magic Mushroom for Anxiolysis is PsilocybeChinensis.

Psilocybin, a substance that this species of Psilocybe is known to generate, was prohibited from distribution in the United States by an act of Congress, these fungi are also referred to as magicmushrooms, and it is thought that they influence serotonin receptors in the brain; anyone who feels favorable changes after ingesting a PsilocybeChinensis should presume that the mushrooms, not the acid, were to blame because of the significance of these receptors in the control of mood and behavior- this mushroom contains lactic acid, not actual acid, which accounts for its acid-like adverse effects including diarrhea and cramping; it is the most common species of Psilocybe utilized in recreational ethnomycology, is likewise classified as a class-inappropriate substance, as we said previously.

PsilocybeMexicana: The Mystical Mushroom for Drug Withdrawal

This Psilocybe species commonly referred to as the Mexican Magic Mushroomis closely related to Psilocybecubensis, it lacks psilocybin, unlike the other Psilocybe species- Serotonin agonists and adenosine deaminase inducers are two different substances found in this species.

It is thought to be more likely to be found in nature than the other two due to its relatively high solubility in water and close resemblance to P. cubensis, even though P. Mexicana is frequently advertised as a Mexican dish, it naturally grows in California and other western states.

The Magic Mushroom for Anxiety and Depression is Psilocybesubcubensis.

This mushroom sometimes referred to as the happy mushroom, is the most prevalent species in the Cubensis genus- this mushroom normally grows to a diameter of 1-2 centimeters in the northern United States’ open fields and woodlands, because it is simple to recognize and doesn’t contain any of the harmful substances that other mushrooms possess; psilocybesubcubensis is regarded as a friendly species- it is sometimes mistaken for Psilocybecyanescens, the same species that produces the psychedelic psilocybin, due to its benign demeanor; it is, however, is without a doubt the only magic mushroom.